idle moment

the importance of being idle

2016 / Personal Project
Industrial Design

Project Overview

What is a good rest, and how can we do that?

There are lots of frameworks and tools to make us efficient and creative. In turn, we don't really know how can we be more immersed into rest, or how to empty our mind. Some techniques of meditation and contemplation requires skills and some learnings to actually fall into it. Inspired from personal experience of having trouble to empty my mind, I tried to come up with a physical means of having a good mind-rest.

2016 / Personal Project

This project was inspired from my personal experience of having a psychological counseling about balancing my life. The therapist advised me to 'empty my mind', but it was something impossible for me at that moment.

  • industrial design
  • user research
  • branding design



All work and no play make Jack a dull boy.

We all agree that it's important to work hard and efficiently, but we usually forget about the importance of a good rest, pushing oneself into endless works. There are tons of frameworks and tools out there to make the workflow efficient, but when it comes to a rest, we still have limited options, from sleep to an uneasy guide for a reflection.

Let's stay idle for a while.

Due to massive amount of information and stimuli around us, our senses, body, and brain are always working even while we think we're taking a break. Unlike well-known strategies for a good rest like reflection and yoga, we have an easy but great skill for relaxation that we're unaware of. Daydream, zone out, and stay idle for a while.

Design Point

Not a reflection,
more like a daydream

All you need is to zone out for a while.

When it comes to a good rest,
we usaully think of some professional techniques like yoga.
But we already have an easy skill that you often do.
Daydream. Zone out.

Use another senses

Light stimuli for tactile sensation

We're bombarded with too much information and stimuli,
especially visuals and sounds.
Unusual tactile experience can relieve your stress and burden from reality.


"A new tool for your relaxation,
a tool for your idle moments"

It is one of the modern disease of people that we cannot empty our mind and consistently find something to focus.
Beyond the sense of sight we always use, this product helps you to easily reflect and relax by giving a tactile delight.



Pomodoro for your rest

Pomodoro technique is a well-known efficiency-enhancing skill,
focusing on a work for 25 min, and rest for 5 min.
By allocating a short period for one task, it increases the concentration.
Rather than ambiguously having a break time, it solely separate the rest.


Time only goes when you hold the object

While you have it in your palm,
the soft texture gives you warmth to your mind and body.
Focus on the tactile delight, light movement of time, and its texture.


Feel how the time flows,
seconds by seconds

We live so busy and fast life that
we often forget how slow the time is than we think it is.
While holding it, movement and sound of every second slow and relax you.


Pocket Watch

It is an old and antique object now, but if you had a chance to hold it, you must feel how it's different from desk clock, from sound, light vibration, and the weight.
It awakes more senses while delivering the information.

Material / Design


Rough, translucent silicone gives warmth, fingering effect,
 and visual uniqueness to it.


For more tactile ease, it's irregular circle like a pebble.
It fills your hand gives you pleasant grab.

Time flow

Different from the fuction of watch and timer,
 it only has a second hand and an arc of 25 min.

Design Output

hold in your hand,

Focus on the flow of time and what's in your hand.

Color 01 Daydream

Something dreamy, like a fantasy

Skin part

Rough, translucent Silicone

Body / Plate

White matte plastic / Partly silk-printed


Redish orange Cotton Twill

Color 02 Calmness

Silent, absorbed in deep thought

Skin part

Rough, translucent Silicone

Body / Plate

White matte plastic / Partly silk-printed


Brown Cotton Twill






Mock-up Process 02

Mock-up Process 03

Mock-up Process 04

Working Test


Exhibition Display