new way of recording our days and thoughts

2016 / Team project - Team Leader
Industrial Design / Branding Design

Project Overview

How writing a diary can be a daily fun,
rather than something you should fill in to leave a record?

How, and why people record their life? We noticed that there's ironic phenomenon of people trying to leave their trace by writing a diary while failing to keep doing it. Though there're lots of good alternatives for a diary, like smartphone applications, people still want note-like diary and value it a as a great archive of memories. We started from observing those people, including ourselves, and tried to come up with new way of recording our life.


Designstudio i

2016 / Team Project
Team Leader

This was part of the student exhibition from Hong Ik University Design Department. As a team leader, I mainly focused on directions of the project, including product design and graphic design.

  • industrial design
  • user research
  • branding design


Why, and how do we write a diary?

When we ask people whether they keep writing a diary, most people said 'yes', but when we go through further questions about reasons and methods, we faced various answers. We mainly focused on investigate the patterns of leaving records and what people want.

Diary is more than the past.

Though the whole writing remains as a recording from the past, it's more than just a fact. While we write something based on what really happened, it's more like defining the experience and the episode in own ways and putting meanings on the past.

Design Point


Physical presence has a power.

We still like to leave a tangible evidences from life.
But it requires some times and efforts to keep formulating it.


Easier and flexible

We're getting used to smartphone experiences.
We do a lot of things with it, but the information just remains there and vanishes.


"New format of a diary,
Daily diary pages for different days"

Dailog includes a small bluetooth printer designed to print out daily diary,
based on information and schedules from your smartphone into a single page.



New morning routine

Daily pages customized based on your phone welcomes you every morning.
It will be printed out on a scheduled time.


Daily layouts and contents

Each different person has a different patterns of life
and it determines how they fill their diaries.
Through your smartphone, you will get customized contents on the page
or you can add what you want.


Stack and make it one

The station for piling the pages help you to compile it into a set of records.
Single pages, pens and stacks can be managed in one place.
Distinguish the periods by dividing the pages into another book.


Book cover

The mood we envisioned for our product was
'warm', 'analogue', and ‘natural on your desk’.
We aimed to design something that doesn't look like an electronic device,
more like a furniture.

Design Output

Dot-dot-dot /

The graphic system of dots and connecting gradients
is applied over the whole branding.



Red Orange


Light Navy




Body part

Fabric - Twill Span / Red Orange

Body part

White Matte Plastic


White Textile Printing on Fabric

Body part

Fabric - Twill Span / Light Navy

Body part

White Matte Plastic


White Textile Printing on Fabric

Body part

Fabric - Twill Span / Beige

Body part

White Matte Plastic


White Textile Printing on Fabric





Interview Patternizing

Interview Patternizing

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