super happy

visual direction for 2017 hid degree show

2017 / Team Project / Contribution 50%
Art direction / Graphic Design(Web - Space signage - Brochure)

Project Overview

What designers should stand for and pursue as a future leader and director?

It has been a time of both hope and confusion. We, as a part of the society recently faced huge political turmoils, and we're about to begin our new phase of life and start a career. We talked a lot about how we're dealing with this reality personally and socially, and we developed a visual language and whole concept from the emotion of 'sarcasm in facing the reality.' Are we happy? We're, yes, super happy.

Hongik Univ. Industrial Design

2017 / Team Project

I participated in visual design TF for 2017 Hongik University degree show. I mainly worked as a visual director, leading the process of developing visual language and concept for the exhibition.

  • visual direction
  • branding design

endless. stair.


We can walk. We can go ahead, but we should go ahead.

We're on the border between hope and discourage. The possibility of future makes us walk, but often it is not the happy way, accompanying so many failures and suffers. We focused on this irony we, and the others are facing, and the interpretation of this topic was left to whole participants.

How we deal with this irony?

There's no way other than just live through. We can laugh away all the suffers and go ahead. We're happy, but we're not happy. We tried to visualize this scarcastic emotion. The traditional exhibition visuals have been more focused on the attitude of designer, but this time, we wanted to speak up, as a pre-desiger facing a society.


Visual Exploration

Visual Exploration

Visual Exploration

Visual Exploration




Size variation

Print Quality Refinement

Print Quality Refinement



"we're super happy..."

We can go ahead, but we have to go ahead.
It's not about happiness, more about the underlying sadness and depression that cannot be expressed.