Public service for a new city experience,
offering a new view and a platform for a city content

2017 / Team Project / Contribution 40%
Industrial design / City service branding

Project Overview

What is the future roles and objectives of public services in cities?

Cities are now more than residential areas, a space of experience. If the public infra- structure has focused on convenience and safety, it will further diversify its roles and objectives. Nofie is a service that allows people to capture their moment and provides a live-view of the city. People can perceive the experiences in cities as a novel content.

Hongik Univ. Industrial Design


2017 / Team Project

This project is a part of 2017 Hongik University Industrial Design Degree Show.

  • Industrial design
  • City service branding
  • User research

people - city


People, space, and city

The role of public services and infrastructure have focused on convenience and safety of the city. But as the cities are evolving beyond the 'address', or 'where we stay', people now see more of 'cultural, experiential value' the city has to decide where to live.

Perspectives of sight

Perspective matters, from when we normally look at something to when we take photos and videos, keep, and share them.


Public Camera against public

"Big brother all over"

We're facing a new era, 4th industrial evolution with digitalized data and environment.
Experts are talking about its dark side, big brother over our head.

Public Camera for Public

"Why don't we use it for our joy?"

The new perspective will give people a new experience enjoying the city.
We envisioned something opposite of CCTV which collect data but always closed.


"Public Camera for all - Beyond the sight, over the site"

Nofie is a public service that offers people a new city experience
by giving people a right to access to the view they're in, or the scenes of the city through public camera.

New eye for 'eye-contact'

As we develop the shape, we mainly focused on the relieving the psychological burden
and threat the existing public surveilance cameras have.
The goal was to design a 'new eye' that people want to face and have an eye contact.

Service Scenario



Beyond the sight : New perspective photo

Nofie allows people to access the view which they're in,
and get the image through web and application, easily sharing to personal SNS.
The unique view that contains you and the space, becomes a great souvenir.


Over the site : Live-view platform of the city

Live-view of the city means more than just a view.
It becomes a platform to browse the world,
even accessing to some events or get visible information from it.

Design Output

hold in your hand,

Focus on the flow of time and what's in your hand.



Field Research

Reference Study

Form Sketch

Form Study

Detail Study

1:1 Scale Study

3d Prototyping

3d Prototyping

Technology Test


Graphic / Quality Test

Color Spraying

Temporary Assembly