Campfire (update in process)

A future service for collaboration in the era of flexible working

2018 / Personal Project / Contribution 100%
Future experience design / Experience Visualization

Project Overview

What will our collaboration experience be like, when we all work as flexible individuals?

Individuals are having more and more power to manage their work. Work is not limited to companies and offices anymore, and we're now in transition toward project and individual based work life. What is going to be the new format of workspace that can support changes in the way we work? In 2030, how are we going to collaborate, when individuals are not constrained to fixed spaces and employment?

Dell Experience Design Group / Advanced Design Team

2018 / Internship Project
Personal Project

I did an internship in Advanced design team in Dell. My personal project was about future work experience, and I especially focused on future collaboration environment and experiences.

  • Future Experience Design
  • Experience Visualization
  • Storytelling

changes in work, people, and the environment


Why people are ditching offices and companies?

Offices and companies were means of efficient management of work and collaboration. But now we're having more options to make livings through work, other than fixed spaces and employment. People are looking for new means of work, especially that can support their goals of life and career out of traditional ways.

Why, and how people are seeking for better way of working?

Flexibility of work is becoming more important to people to manage their life and work. blah blah



Connect with right people to work with from wherever you are,
and pull up an environment for productive collaboration

Concept Video (3 mins)

Please look into full story for more details, including processes and detailed project information

Shifts in how we work - Where are we heading to?

Previous way of working in offices and companies


fixed, manageable

Individuals could optimize
their cubicles and desks
for own productivity.

Carry own environment

Flexible individuals pursue flexibility,
but don’t want to compromise the quality of environment.


Chance of
instant collaboration

Instant collaboration
like stopping by someone's desk was possible,
since all stayed in the same space.

Open to accept online communities
as peers and contributors

There's no stranger anymore for collaboration. Individuals share their works and opinions freely and this becomes source of learning and inspiration for those people.


Collaboration space
for efficient sharing

The focus of collaboration space was on
efficient sharing of materials and information
during discussions.

Work together along collaboration

Meetings are becoming more than communication. People do research and create while discussing, or even testing and proving in a limited time, like in hackathons and sprints.


New format of work environment for flexible individuals,
making their instant collaborations productive



A platform to find instant collaborators

Finding right collaborators becomes reliable and instant,
connecting your needs and people's detailed expertise


An environment that understands
and supports your discussion

Open up an intelligent environment,
that provides appropriate assistance based on the context


Contributions become easier
to be made and collected

Spread your work to people with meaningful perspectives
and their conversations turns into information by the environment

Campfire - Full Story version (6 mins)

Key phases

01 : Set Campfire

Open environment for collaboration
and bring people in

02 : Gather around Campfire

How the environment
make the collaboration productive

03 : Spread embers

Make social interaction
into collective inspiration

Phase 01 : Setting a Campfire


Research Planning

On-site Exploration

On-site Exploration

Interview / quick insights

Insight mapping

Ideation with experience sketches

Connecting ideas into one concept

Key experiences mapping


Resources building

Resources building

Scene / interaction visualization

Scene / interaction visualization

Script / Voiceover

Final editing