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This project archives the traces and memories of travel in Europe with different interactions and formats. I always make a somekind of memorial for each travel I went on.

Record from Europe

2018 / Personal / Framer

Archive from the travel in Europe. Played around with Framer for sharing

service flow
virtual map

Even though a cafe, restaurant and shop disappear physically, it still exists in our memories and conversation, reminiscing the old days. This turns the images on SNS into 3d monument on the website, and let people visit there virtually.

Map of disappeared places

2017 / Personal / WebVR, A-Frame

For the places I miss, and the memories in there.

For industrial designers who look into different people's life and experiences, it was a valuable opportunity to think about myself as a designer and coming up with visual strategy that suits me.

Self branding

2017 / Personal / html, css

Visual strategy and system for my personal branding

In 2017, I had a first chance in my lifetime to take a look into a wedding ceremony. Despite of its importance, in Korea, it's often done in a similar place and format in a really short time, without the meaning of celebrating and saying thanks to families and friends. I tried to make another option of celebration, by designing a service that curates a story of people's life and couples' memories.

Museum of You

2017 / Personal / Concept Space Branding

Make your story to be a content of a space just for you.

service video

We, designers and developers gathered to make something to help voters in their decisions. We focused on the troubles voters experience when they try to understand and make judgement with the way too much information.


2016 / Team / UX research, UI support

Service for easier and clear usage of information for voters.

try by yourself

The 3d models are online, and it's open for all makers who stay all night with a cup of coffee on your desk. It suits tall-sized Starbucks cups, but try them with other brands and sizes, since it varies from the 3d printers and the materials you're using.

Takeout Garden

2015 / Personal / 3d printing

3d-printing add-ons on takeout coffee cups to be reused as a plant pot

01 Celebrate
02 Young

Art music videos for different two songs with different approaches with tools and visual methods.

Art Video Series

2015 / Team / After Effect, c4d

Series of art videos with motion graphic, 3d motion, and hand drawing

concept video

We classified different types of movements into two types; natural movements and mechenical movements. We focused on the former one, which are motions with irregular beats and strength, caused with physics and gravity. We tried to bring this into our home to give people a feeling of relaxing.


2015 / Team / Prototyping

Project with engineering students - Kinetic toy for adults using physics into an experience

Looking into happy and smiling characters and stories behind them, we try to make objects with sad face, but with more important narratives that relates to the owners of the objects; Allergies. Allergy alerty is the series of objects that stands for different types of the symptoms.

Allergy Alerty

2014 / Team / Character Design

Storytelling object is an narrative object that help people to start their story.